Placements in Dundee

WCAIR trainees and trainers July 2019
WCAIR trainees and trainers July 2019
We will focus on countries with the most need

Many of the countries affected by neglected tropical diseases have developing economies.  This means they have less resource to spend on both treatment and research.  Our aim is to prioritise placements for scientists from these countries.

We will not set pre-requisites for training

We do not have set pre-requisites for placements.  Any member of the drug discovery community will be considered.  We expect those who train with us to be able to effect change in their own institution.

Trainees will become fully embedded in the drug discovery process

With three trainers, specialising in medicinal chemistry, biology and drug metabolism & pharmacokinetics (DMPK), we can support most scientists.  The trainers provide hands-on, one-to-one or small group training ensuring trainees understand the importance of all processes.

After initial training, the trainees will be embedded into an active drug-discovery portfolio.  This will allow individuals to embrace the drug discovery process.

Please note we cannot place trainees into Cat 3 lab facilities due to license restrictions.

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