Joana Faria

Wellcome-Beit Prize for Joana Faria

Joana Faria, a postdoctoral researcher in David Horn’s Lab (BCDD-WCAIR) who is moving to establish her own group at the..

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Microscope image of trypanosomes

Location, location, location – glycosyltransferase goes rogue

In two papers just published in eLife and PNAS the Ferguson lab, in collaboration with Steve Beverley and colleagues at Washington University, St..

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Joana Faria sits at a microscope

Dr Joana Faria awarded Sir Henry Dale fellowship

Joana Faria, a postdoctoral researcher in David Horn’s Lab has been awarded a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship funded by the..

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The box containing HAT test with an individual test

Dundee research to help eliminate Sleeping Sickness

Almost half a million rapid diagnostic tests developed from research at the University of Dundee will be donated with the..

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David Gray sits at a lab bench. Photo by John Post

Prof David Gray honoured in HM Queen’s Birthday honours

David Gray, Head of Biology and Professor of Translational Biology at the University’s Drug Discovery Unit, has been given a..

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Head shot of Prof Ian Gilbert

Professor Ian Gilbert elected Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences

Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infective Research's Professor Ian Gilbert has been elected to join the prestigious Fellowship of the Academy of..

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A group photo with Prof Kevin Read, Dr Beatriz Baragana and Prof Ian Gilbert. In the bcakbround is the DDU Biology lab.

DDU Malaria team awarded funding to research potential single dose malaria treatment

Experts at the University of Dundee have been awarded £2.4 million to identify compounds that could pave the way for..

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The Medicine Maker badge

Campfire’s (virtually) burning!

On International Women's Day we're excited to announce that our collaboration with Girlguiding Dundee is taking another exciting step -..

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The WeeCAIR Medicinal Garden features in Dundee Women’s Festival.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Dundee Botanic Garden to host a virtual discussion event during Dundee Women’s Festival on March 9th at 7pm. The event..

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Parasite defence mechanism de-coded by Dundee research team

WCAIR scientists have shown how parasitic trypanosomes make random yet ultimately highly selective choices that allow them to survive in..

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