Our Vision

We launched The Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) in April 2017. The Centre is a world-leading hub for neglected tropical disease drug discovery at the University of Dundee.

WCAIR focuses activities in 3 areas: Research, Training, Public Engagement

Research. We are developing new methods, technologies and processes that will make drug discovery for neglected tropical diseases faster and smarter.

Training. Passing on our skills and knowledge to the next generation of researchers. We focus on those working within countries most affected by NTDs.

Public Engagement.We aim to inform and inspire our publics about the ways that science fights poverty and disease.

Over the next decade WCAIR will generate a legacy of new therapeutics and new drug discovery approaches. It will also inspire a stronger drug discovery workforce and an engaged public. This will enrich the wider anti-infectives scientific and medical communities and benefit patients.