Identification and Optimization of Novel Inhibitors of the Polyketide Synthase 13 Thioesterase Domain with Antitubercular Activity

Simon R. Green, Caroline Wilson, Thomas C. Eadsforth, Avinash S. Punekar, Fabio K. Tamaki, Gavin Wood, Nicola Caldwell, Barbara Forte,..

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RES-Seq—a barcoded library of drug-resistant Leishmania donovani allowing rapid assessment of cross-resistance and relative fitness

Lindsay B. Tulloch, Sandra Carvalho, Marta Lima, Richard J. Wall, Michele Tinti, Erika G. Pinto, Lorna MacLean, Susan Wyllie. Antimicrobial..

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Small-Molecule Antibiotic Drug Development: Need and Challenges

Megan Bergkessel, Barbara Forte, and Ian H. Gilbert. ACS Infect. Dis. 2023, 9, 11, 2062–2071 Publication Date:October 11, 2023 Abstract The..

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Characterisation of TcFUT1, a mitochondrial fucosyltransferase from Trypanosoma cruzi

Jose Carlos Paredes Franco, Maria Lucia Sampaio Guther, Marta L. Lima, Michael A.J. Ferguson Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology Vol 256,..

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Medicinal Chemistry Team Leader

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We are recruiting for an exceptional individual to join us as a Medicinal Chemistry Team Leader within our Drug Discovery Unit. The post holder is expected to manage projects that expand across all aspects of early drug discovery for tuberculosis from assessing screening hits to hit validation and hit to lead with the aim of delivering lead optimisation candidates. This is an open-ended appointment subject to funding from January 2024.


We are looking for a highly motivated and experienced medicinal chemist with experience in the BioPharma industry or similar, for a team leader role within the Drug Discovery Unit (DOU). The post holder is expected to manage projects that…

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