Acute response to pathogens in the early human placenta at single-cell resolution

Regina Hoo, Elias R. Ruiz-Morales, Iva Kelava, Mukul Rawat, Cecilia Icoresi Mazzeo, Elizabeth Tuck, Carmen Sancho-Serra, Sara Chelaghma, Alexander V...

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The first Cryptosporidium meeting: a concerted effort to fight cryptosporidiosis

Wes van Voorhis, Joyce Siwila, Jessica C. Kissinger, Natalia Bayona Vásquez, Guy Robinson, Rodrigo Baptista, Asis Khan, Amandine Guérin, Yi-Wei..

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Validation of Trypanosoma cruzi inactivation techniques for laboratory use

Lorna M. MacLean , Mark Ariyanayagam, Lalitha Sastry, Christy Paterson, Manu De Rycker, Alan H. Fairlamb PLOS ONE 19(4): e0300021.

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Phylogenomic reconstruction of Cryptosporidium spp. captured directly from clinical samples reveals extensive genetic diversity

A. Khan, E.V.C. Alves-Ferreira, H. Vogel, S. Botchie, S I. Ayi, M.C. Pawlowic, G. Robinson, R.M. Chalmers, H. Lorenzi, M.E. Grigg bioRxiv  2024.04.17.589752  doi: Abstract Cryptosporidium is a leading cause of severe diarrhea and mortality in young children and..

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Principal Investigator of Biomedical Data Sciences

We are seeking an experienced Data Scientist with a focus on drug discovery to develop their own research interests as part of a broader effort in Computational Drug Discovery within the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) at the University of Dundee. This is an exciting position with a goal to develop and apply novel data science algorithms to live drug discovery programmes in infectious diseases (affecting Low- and Middle-Income Countries) and innovative targets in a range of human diseases. There are significant opportunities to collaborate with other scientists with the Schools of Life Sciences and Medicine at the University of Dundee, who have large datasets of medically and biologically relevant data.

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