We have many fantastic partners and collaborators as part of our public engagement programme. Because of the broad range of people we want to engage with, we have a broad range of partners. They include museums and attractions, theatre companies and even food makers.

Our partners so far

Agent November – escape game creator par excellence.

Careers Hive – Edinburgh Science Learning’s annual careers event.

The Cheesery – a haven for cheese lovers in the heart of Dundee, partners because of links between enzymes in cheese-making and medicines.

Dundee Pride – where we did some rainbow chromatography! It was a huge success in 2018 and 2019…long may it continue!

Dundee Print Collective – a varied and dynamic group of artists, and our collaborators on an art project.

Dundee Rep Engage – the internationally renowned theatre company’s youth team. Working with them to create a new piece of theatre was a major highlight of our first year.

Dundee Science Centre – a venue which is going through an exciting transformation.

Dundee Science Festival – a rapidly evolving event with community at its heart.

Edinburgh Infectious Diseases – a vibrant network of researchers across the University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Science – the people behind the world’s longest running science festival and Scotland’s largest provider of school science outreach.

Emily Fong Studio – Emily is a fantastic artist, whose work exploring our experiences during Covid-19 is proving fascinating

Glasgow Science Centre – an iconic building set on the Clyde

Hapsburg Absinthe – purveyor of exotic drinks, who helped us celebrate the links between artemisinins and anti-malarial medicines.

The Mills Observatory – stunning listed building in Balgay Park, Dundee.

National Museums Scotland – known for its stunning architecture and home of Dolly the Sheep.

NEoN Digital Arts Festival – recently recognised by Creative Scotland

Stobswell Forum – local community leaders in Dundee, known for their events in Baxter Park and others.


Wellcome Centres as partners

We also work closely with the others Wellcome Centres in the UK and beyond. Because of our research interests and shared plans, we align particularly closely with our colleagues in Glasgow and Cape Town, South Africa.

The Wellcome Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Africa

The Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology, University of Glasgow

We are always interested in creating new partners to bring our work to life. If you would like to work with us, or are keen to find out more, get in touch. We think our scientific work is incredibly important and touches upon many different facets of life.  So far, we have worked in some pretty varied areas, but there is always room for new ideas. If you feel inspired, say hi!