Virtual sleepover

In partnership with our friends at Girlguiding Dundee, after the success of our Medicine Maker badge, we’re running a science-themed virtual sleepover. We’ve been hard at work planning the activities and resources and we’ll be releasing them here over the weekend – yaay!

Kit list and schedule

For starters, here is the Virtual Sleepover Kit List. We’ve tried to keep it as light as possible, so there are only a few things for experiments that we think folks might need to buy. We’ve also released the camp schedule, so have a good look.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our Facebook group. When you join, it’d be INCREDIBLY useful if you could answer the questions. We’re really keen to make sure folks have a connection to Girlguiding. Don’t worry if you don’t want us sharing your pics, that’s absolutely your right.


We’ll be uploading videos to YouTube too – check out our channel here and give us a like and subscribe if you fancy.

Keep checking in, enjoying our videos, and asking us questions! If you’re not on Facebook, get in touch with Girlguiding Dundee via email with this link.

Activity packs are below here…




Time for a rest

Well – we’ve made it! We don’t know about you, but that felt like a very busy weekend! We know we had a few wee internet-y technical clunks along the way, but this was our first time doing this. Thanks to everyone who got in touch to remind us to fix stuff!

We thought we’d leave you (for now) with this video from Alison, one of our co-commissioners. We very much hope you’ll keep following us and stay in touch with what we’re doing. We’re on Twitter, so give us a shout there! We’ll also be posting the video from our Teams Live once it’s done, so we’ll do our best to let you know when that’s out. Keep an eye on our YouTube channel for new videos too.

Medicine maker girlguiding badge in front of drug discovery unit lab
The Medicine Maker badge reaches the medicine makers' lab

Getting things signed off

We know that lots of you will have been working towards getting badge clauses signed off. We’ve set up a handy list of where we think our activities cross over with other Girlguiding content. That could be official badges and the like, but we’ve also provided links to our very own Medicine Maker badge!

If you’re feeling inspired, there’s also an order form at the end – we’re so helpful!

The Guide Promise

As we come towards the end of our sleepover, we thought it would be nice if anyone wanted to revisit their promise. Here are two of our Guides who have made wonderful versions for you to enjoy on YouTube. Feel free to say yours along with them!

The winning badge, showing Medi in her house of science

Badge competition winner

We had so, SO many fantastic badge designs submitted, so we’d like to thank each and every one of you who put one in. It was incredibly difficult to choose a winner, but in the end this was our favourite. There are just so many great elements in it. Congratulations to Olivia from the 12th Hinckley Methodists!

To get your badge, you’ll need to fill in our very short feedback survey and then we’ll share the super-secret link to where we can take your address. Girlguiding Dundee are supporting badges for folks in the County, and we are covering the cost of the first 1000 for people beyond Dundee. They’re £2 after that. Given how busy we’ve been all weekend, we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment! If you’ve taken part as a unit we’d be grateful if you could coordinate with each other and save us some postage.

We’ve still got some videos coming, so don’t go away!

Your Medi Mission for 1pm on Sunday is to design your own robot - what would it do?

Sunday 1pm

Well, it’s time for your final activity pack of the virtual sleepover! We can’t believe how much it’s flown by. Keep checking back here, though, because we’ve still got a few wee videos that’ll be coming out. We’ll also be sharing how you can sign up for your badge, so don’t go away.

You’re going to meet some of our robots – we have LOTS of them! They might not have legs, but many of them have arms. They’re incredibly important to us. In the past people had to do all of our samples by hand, whereas now we can do literally thousands of tests at a time, with scientists using their brains to think about the information. Can you work faster than a robot? Good luck!

Science signs

One of our Girlguiding Dundee stars has created a video where she teaches us science words in British Sign Language! Click along and have a go, and don’t forget you can see other videos on the YouTube channel too.

Making everything we do as accessible as possible is really important to us here at the University of Dundee. Luke Mcmulkin did some fantastic work while he was studying at the School of Life Sciences, creating his own signs for important science concepts and blazing a trail for others. You can read more about his work here.

Time for your 11am Medi Mission. Can you design me a garden?

Sunday 11am

It’s time for your second-to-last session pack! We’re exploring all things medicine and garden related here. We’re also challenging you to design a garden for Medi!

Medi's morning mission - how many words can you make from 'parasite'?

Sunday 9am

Good morning campers! Did you get a good night’s sleep in your science dens? We hope so!

This morning we’re exploring the fascinating world of parasites. As a Centre, we spend lots of our time studying them. The diseases they cause can be deadly, and very hard to treat. Like bacteria, they are single-celled organisms. Unlike bacteria, their cells are very like our own, so lots of potential medicines that hurt them might also hurt us. Finding things which only harm parasites is a key part of our mission.

Your pack is here, there are fresh videos on YouTube and, of course, you have your Medi Mission – to make as many words as you can from the letters of ‘parasite’.

Medi saying 'time for a song by the campfire'

Saturday 7:30pm

Whew! We made it through the whole first day of camp! Was it as fun for you as it was for us? We’re feeling pretty tired out after the Teams Live event – if you missed it we’ll be putting it on YouTube, so don’t worry.

It’s time for some campfire activities and a bit of a chill. You’ll find your pack as ever, of course. There are lots of lyrics, because one of our team has prepared an amazing video of song! We also have a fabby bit from one of the girls on how to make fireworks in a jar. It’s all on YouTube, so pop along.

For your 5pm Medi Mission, find out who in your family can roll their tongue

Saturday 5pm

Well, it’s not just our panel discussion at 5 (see below) but we have a whole activity pack for you!

We’re going to be finding out all about you and your DNA, so we hope you enjoy it.

Scientists Inke Nathke, Lesley-Anne Pearson and Nicola Stanley-Wall

In advance of our panel event…

We’ll be kicking off on Teams Live at 5. You can join us by following this link. Teams Live can occasionally be a little tricky, so here are a few pro-tips to get into the event…

  • If you get a spinning wheel of doom, try closing the window and clicking the link again.
  • If that keeps happening after a few attempts, check that you can receive cookies from Microsoft. How you do that will depend on your browser, so it’s probably best to search using your preferred engine
  • Teams Live has captions built in, so do feel free to pop them on if subtitles would help. They’re live, so occasionally a little off
  • If all else fails, we’ll pop the video on YouTube next week!
Medi introduces your 3pm Saturday Medi Misson - can you design her a new crystal-inspired friend?

Saturday 3pm

Well, time certainly flies when you’re having fun! Things are still incredibly busy here, in a good way. We hope they are with you too.

It’s time for your 3pm activities, which are all about crystals. They’re not only very beautiful, but can also be incredibly important in science! Download your pack and get creating – best of luck!



A metabolic map of parasite pathways

Escape game

Just in case the link in the pack is being a bit tricky, here’s our online escape game!

Grab a pencil and paper, and see if you can solve the clues to complete our research so our scientists can go free.

Medi challenges you to your 1pm mission, to get her set up in your home lab!

Saturday 1pm

Phew! Well, we’ve seen LOTS of you posting pictures on Facebook, and we hope everyone who’s playing at home without social media is having just as bright, colourful and fun a time!

Now it’s time for our 1 o’clock pack. We’re exploring ‘drug discovery’, which is what scientists call the process of us finding new medicines.

There’s games and things to play, so have fun!

A day in the life of a medicinal chemist

What does it look like to be a medicinal chemist? Watch here and find out!

Medi introduces your Saturday 11am mission, to make your own mini-Medi

Saturday 11am


It’s time for us to kick off our sleepover! You’ll see that Medi has a mission for you – to make your own mini-Medi. We’ve also got our very first activity pack that you can download and play with. Have fun!

You can also pop along to our YouTube channel to see our welcome video – come back here afterwards to get on with your pack.