World NTD Day 2022

Sunday 30 January marks World Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) Day. We’ll be joining in the day, connecting our city with a worldwide story.

Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) threaten more than 1.7 billion people living in the poorest and most marginalised communities worldwide. These diseases blind, disable and disfigure people, taking away not only their health, but also their chances of staying in school, earning a living, or even being accepted by their family or community. Since 2012 alone, 34 countries have eliminated at least one NTD, bringing the total to date to 43 countries. Today we are reaching more people with NTD treatment than ever before.

At the University of Dundee, we are a key part of the World NTD Day story. In late 2021 we announced an exciting new discovery in the fight against Visceral Leishmaniasis. We are also developing technologies which will empower us to fight Chagas’ disease, amongst others.

Our World NTD efforts will focus on our research, and also our public engagement work. WCAIR has a busy and productive partnership with the Stobswell Forum, being a regular participant in Stobfest. As part of the global World NTD Day efforts to light buildings and monuments, we were able to light up Stobie’s own Baxter Park Pavilion, putting it alongside a pantheon of attractions from around the world. We also took part in social media for the day.