WCAIR Training – Chemistry Problem Sessions

As a part of our training programme, we host weekly problem solving sessions with our trainees. In these sessions, we discuss medicinal chemistry articles recently published, discussing the data and findings provided within it. The goal of these sessions is to improve the trainees ability to critical evaluate papers, and we always try to have some fun while doing it!

Recently we decided to open these sessions to all our former trainees and courses attendants and our first open problem-solving session happened last Friday (23/08/2022). We had former trainees from Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana, and Brazil, participate along with current trainees. In this session, participants were given 8 chemical compounds with some biological activity data and, using only the data provided in the exercise, they had to decide which molecules would be prioritized for further development. In the end, with fabulous engagement and clever insights, the participants were able to come to a decision (see figure below).

Screenshot of WCAIR Training's problem session.  It is a powerpoint slide showing 8 different chemical compounds with associated biological and chemical data.

The outcome was very positive and it was really nice to see some of our former trainees again. Needless to say, they still remember their training – which is also a huge win!

These open sessions will be run monthly throughout the year and are open to our former trainees and course participants and we hope that they will be as good as the last one was!