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A padlet is a repository used to store and share content with others. Here you will find padlets with lots of information on drug discovery-related topics. Each padlet contains groups of related cards. Simply click on the cards to open and read more. Scrolling down in each of the sections will reveal more cards.

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Medicinal Chemistry Padlet
Have you ever thought “How do you cool down a reaction?”, “What is that workup trick?”. Sometimes it takes a long time to find these resources and it be good if all researchers had this knowledge freely available to them? With this in mind, we have started a Padlet to store tips, tricks and other useful information. This padlet has information on Drug Design and Development, Organic Chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, DMPK, and several laboratory tricks and ‘magical’ formulas.

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Organic Chemistry Padlet
Organic and synthetic chemists! Fed up of searching in multiple different places for help with your reaction? Well…WCAIR have answered your call. WCAIR have assembled a Padlet with tons of tips, tricks and all sorts of useful information to help you with your research and experiments. Better yet, it is all in one place! All sources are freely accessible and you can also add to it. Share your tips and tricks with fellow chemists!

In vitro DMPK Padlet
DMPK tips can be hard to find, especially when you don’t have time to scroll through the internet endlessly searching! WCAIR training have created a freely accessible DMPK Padlet to ease your search. The Padlet combines tips, tricks and useful information to help you with all things DMPK including; experimental techniques, data comparison and troubleshooting. Why not also share your tips and tricks with the scientific community?

Bioanalysis Padlet
A lot of techniques now reply on the rapid, yet expensive, technique mass spectrometry. There are many different ways to get the most out of your machine and assist with your bioanalysis. Often this information is buried in textbooks, hidden in the methods sections of papers or locked away in the mind of the lab wizard. WCAIR training have created an interactive Padlet where you can search in one place for all tips and tricks associated with bioanalysis in drug discovery. Why not also submit your tips to the Padlet to allow others to benefit from your knowledge?