NMR Resources

This series of videos will take you through the basics of NMR, from basic rules and analysis to more complex analysis with hints and tips.

NMR Series: (1) NMR Rules

What are the basic rules you need to be able to understand 1D 1H NMR? Here, readings from literature and textbook have been condensed into a short video. These rules will guide you into data interpretation and making key decisions about a known/unknown sample.

NMR Series: (2) Multiplicities and Splittings

Why is your peak that shape? In the following talk, you will be taken through why peaks are of a particular shape in your NMR. Why and how to measure couplings and what information does this lead to in relation to structure elucidation.

NMR Series: (3) Timescales and Shapes

Why do peaks appear as they are in 1H NMR? This talk will take you through exploring equivalent and inequivalent protons, exchangeable protons, distereotopic protons, enantiotopic protons and much more.

NMR Series: (4) Electronic and Magnetic Effects

Why do some spectra look more complicated than expected? Is it the wrong compound or is there something more complicated going on? This talk will take you through the journey of identifying chemical and magnetic equivalents in your molecule and why they produce the spectra they do.

NMR Series: (5) 1D NMR Basic Analysis

Using Bruker Topspin software, the viewer can see what it is like to start analysing a 1D 1H NMR experiment. Can they solve the unknown? This talk is part of a series. Please ensure you have gone through the appropriate material beforehand.

NMR Series: (6) Weird Stuff

Discover stand alone topics relating to your NMR spectra. Included in this talk is heavy atom effect, pi-system overlaps, long range couplings and quadrupolar coupling.

NMR Series: (7) 2D NMR

What is 2D NMR and how to interpret? Utilizing COSY, HSQC and HMBC. Part of the WCAIR series

NMR Series: (8) 2D NMR Through Space

Moving away from through bond correlations of COSY, HSQC and HMBC, explore the nature of NOE and NOESY experiments with this short video. This talk is part of a series of talks brought to you by WCAIR. Please ensure you have watched the appropriate videos before proceeding.

NMR Series: (9) NMR Example

With all the pieces of the puzzle can you link it with the compound in this example? Explore how 1D and 2D NMR are intertwined to help solve a compound structure. This video uses 2D such as COSY, HSQC and HMBC. “NMR Example” is part of a series of talks by WCAIR. Please ensure you watched the correct videos before proceeding.

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