How to…

This series will cover common in vitro drug metabolism and pharmacokinetic (DMPK) experiments. This series of animated videos will take you through the basic principles on how to set up, perform and analyse any given assay.

Suspension Hepatocyte Assay

Drugs are can be metabolised via the liver, but how do scientists determine how and what is responsible for this inside of the liver.  The following video will take you through the set-up, procedure and analysis of the cryopreserved suspension hepatocyte assay

Plasma Protein Binding Assay (PPB)

Plasma protein binding is one way of determining how much of your chosen drug is free, unbound from proteins, to cause its therapeutic response. In this video, you will be taken through how to perform the plasma protein binding assay in the lab.

Microsomal Intrinsic Clearance Assay

A compound that is rapidly metabolised may never produce sufficient exposure to have a therapeutic effect, a slowly metabolised compound could remain in the body too long, leading to adverse effects. Therefore a prediction of clearance is incredibly useful component of your compound profile.

This short video will go through how to perform a microsomal intrinsic clearance experiment. This includes the set-up and analysis of the experiment.

Permeability: MDCK

In this interactive video, we take you through the step by step process on how to set-up and carry out the cell permeability assay. Included in this video is how to seed your cells and analyse the permeability results at the end.

  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 03:10 Equipment and consumables
  • 08:15 Day 1 Seeding
  • 12:59 Day 5 Assaying
  • 23:54 Data Analysis
  • 25:40 Advantages and disadvantages