Ngozi Igoli

I’m Ngozi from Benue State University Makurdi in Nigeria.

I am a chemistry lecturer and I have been interested in plants used in folk medicines since I undertook a PhD project on a local Nigerian spice used medicinally to treat malaria amongst other ailments. I isolated some of the components of the plant but I did not have the chance to test whether these constituents or compounds like them can be effective medicines. When I became exposed to the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research which focused on Neglected Tropical Diseases, I regarded It as a great opportunity to be trained in the drug discovery process so that I can possibly make a contribution to  the search for new medicines to treat diseases like malaria.

As a medicinal chemistry trainee, I am learning how to make compounds which will have the properties required for an effective medicine. I find it interesting to be working in a real-life project to find a medicine that would be marketed as a cure for schistosomiasis under the guidance of my dedicated trainer. The current project is also preparing me to start working on making medicines from the natural compounds I isolated from my medicinal plant.