Marcos Cunha

Hi! My name is Marcos Cunha, from Brazil. I’m a pharmacist with PhD in natural products pharmacology and currently I’m working at the National Biosciences Laboratory (LNBio), part of the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM).

During my period as trainee at WCAIR, I had the opportunity of being involved in some processes of the drug discovery program, especially at the data and compound management groups. All the knowledge obtained during this time was fabulous and it is going to be fundamental to our newly created drug discovery platform at LNBio.

I believe that are many points responsible for making this an extraordinary experience.  From my perspective, one important point was the very welcoming treatment I received from everyone, from the beginning up to end of the 44 days spent at Dundee. They all were kind and open to explain me every single detail. Besides that, all the infrastructure present in the labs make the understanding of the process much easier. This environment creates an exciting and inspiring context which stimulates me to apply all the knowledge to our routine when back to Brazil.

For me, that was an experience to be remembered for all my life due to the scientific, cultural and personal connections created in this amazing place.