Luccas Missfeldt Sanches

I am a bachelor in Pharmacy and in Molecular Sciences, and I am currently a PhD student at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. My work is mostly focused on the synthesis of dendrimer prodrugs that could target malaria infected erythrocytes. I first found out about WCAIR during a presentation at a symposium for neglected diseases that happened in my home country and this made me really interested in the research being done by the centre, especially for their expertise in drug development and for their work with tropical/neglected diseases.

Before my training started, I had several talks with the trainers in order to make sure that everything would be tailored for my needs and for the equipment I have available in my home institution, so all I would learn could be easily implemented in Brazil. After arriving in Dundee, we were quickly in the lab working on our established goals and learning a lot about the facilities and equipment available. Since the beginning of the training, I already felt that my skills were increasing, especially on how to design experiments in the areas of organic chemistry, drug activity assessment and drug metabolism, and also on how to effectively implement them on my current work. It is also important to say that the work environment is very rewarding and positive, which makes the experience fun and engaging.

My experience at WCAIR was incredible, especially for the amazing people. I am sure it made me a researcher who is better prepared for future endeavours and I hope to make a positive impact in my home institution. I have nothing but good words for my time here and would recommend the programme for anyone interested.