Happy Nyirongo

I am Happy Magwaza Nyirongo from Malawi. I work within the College of Medicine , University of Malawi in the Pharmacy Department as Laboratory Technician.

I studied Industrial Laboratory Technology at The Polytechnic, a constituent College of University of Malawi. I had primary school teacher training before I studied Industrial Lab Technology. I  worked with Livingstonia University before joining College of Medicine in Blantyre.

I have attended a number of trainings both local and international. A notable one was in pharmaceutical biology practical’s which took place at Tubingen University in Germany. My intention of coming here to WCAIR was to learn medicinal chemistry, biology and analytical chemistry as these are key in the work that I do back home. Teaching practicals to pharmacy students and use of analytical equipment such as HPLC and LCMS  machines. The skills and knowledge will be useful back home to teach pharmacy students and research on pharmaceutical products and natural products that are key in our department and as a developing country. I have been here for six months and I have enjoyed my time and experience here with the good trainers and all other people were very supportive.