Daiane Dias Ferriera

I am graduated in Biological Sciences from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil (2009). I am also a Master of Science degree from the Post-Graduation Program of the Health Surveillance Secretariat of the State of São Paulo (CCD-SP), where I worked with the drug repositioning approach for experimental Chagas disease (2014). I am currently a doctoral student in the Department of Parasitology of the Adolfo Lutz Institute in São Paulo, working in the area of ​​drug discovery for neglected diseases. During my Ph.D., I was a member of the Wellcome Center for Anti-Infective Research (WCAIR) at Dundee University from January to April (2018). I chose the University of Dundee because the Drug Discovery Unit is a center specializing in pharmacokinetic / pharmacodynamic (PK / PD) studies of new compounds. During this time at the Drug Discovery Unit, I took lessons from Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics of Medicines (DMPK) and Medicinal Chemistry. This experience was very important to improve my work and my PhD thesis.