Stobfest 2019 Gala Day

A grand day out

We’ve been back in Stobswell at the Stobfest 2019 Gala Day! After a busy, buzzy day in 2018 we knew we were in for a grand time. This year, as we’ve grown into a more mature Centre, we had a lot more bespoke things to offer too. It was great to hang out with our friends from Dundee Science Centre too.

An extended Para-site-seeing trip

With the launch of our brand new science art exhibition, we were keen to share what we’ve been up to. The digital nature of the show works really, really well for this kind of thing too. It’s almost like we planned it! We took an iPad to show some of the movies, encouraged our friend LdBOB72 to tweet for us (who knew parasites could have their own handles and hashtags?) and brought along our pharma-poetry.

Of course, the weather wasn’t as nice as it could have been, and we weren’t sure how that would affect us. Would it mean that folks would stay home, or would they come and join us indoors at the Boomerang Centre?

Thankfully, it was the latter. We were able to give away a number of our new book, Kirsty’s Project, to help young families get an idea of what happens in our labs. We also had some of our favourite games with us. Dundee’s finest police officers were caught playing Drug Discovery Snakes and Ladders. They promised us they didn’t cheat, but we’re not sure. By the end, we think they may have been getting a sense of how tricky our work really is.

We also brought our brand new Leishmania jigsaw puzzle to the day. It’s one that seems simple, but becomes fiendishly difficult. Background noise from an electron micrograph image turns out to be a tricky thing to build! People just about managed it over the afternoon.

So, all in all the Stobfest 2019 Gala Day was a great success. We can’t wait to do more work in Stobswell! Thanks to everyone from the Centre who took part and to all the public who came to meet us.