Dundee Science Centre’s Sensory Garden

The WeeCAIR Medicinal Garden team has been been collaborating with the Dundee Science Centre to help them create their very own sensory garden. Although their garden is a sensory garden at its heart, it also includes some of our medicinal plants. This means that the garden also has a learning aspect. Those who visit the garden can enjoy a wonderful sensory experience as well as learn about the history of medicines and the work going on at WCAIR.

3 tall planters full of flowers sit behind 2 tables on a bright, sunny day

A Change in the World

During the covid-19 pandemic, although the science centre had to shut its doors, this did not mean that the work stopped happening. They create their Science @ Home kits which was a great collaboration between a lot of different organisations including our very own team within the School of Life Sciences.

They also developed a Home Learning Portal for those who were having to home school their children during the stay at home regulations. These were incredibly successful projects. They show how dedicated the science centre is to providing accessible science to their local communities especially in trying times.

A Change in the Building

The team at the science centre did not just focus on their new adapted online and home science kits. They took the opportunity to also work on their exhibitions inside their building as well. They did a major revamp of the internal exhibitions. The creation of their sensory garden was linked to the renovation of their cafe and outside dining area. They wanted to create a more diverse and welcoming space.

We were very pleased when they asked us to be a part of the development of their garden space. This continues to be a positive collaboration with more exciting things to come.