Prof Ian Gilbert appointed as new Head of DDU

The Drug Discovery Unit (DDU) is delighted to announce that Professor Ian Gilbert has been appointed to be the Head of the Drug Discovery Unit.

Ian moved to Dundee in 2005 to help set up the DDU, with the initial aim of discovering new medicines for neglected infectious diseases. As Head of Chemistry, he has been integral to the success of the DDU since its launch in 2006. He has been actively involved in many of the drug discovery projects across the DDU and in the development and implementation of novel methodologies. Ian’s experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, at international and UK Universities, and his leadership in the DDU, as well as the Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery, means that he has a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to bring to this position.

The DDU is highly successful, with 4 of the compounds it discovered in clinical development. Being embedded in the University allows the DDU to develop and integrate high quality scientific research and innovative approaches into their drug discovery programmes. Alongside the focus on infectious diseases, the DDU also has an Innovative Targets Group working in a variety of diseases such as neurodegeneration and oncology. Their remit is to identify the translational potential of novel biology coming out of the University sector and explore new drug discovery opportunities. This has led to nine assets being licenced out and partnerships with multiple pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Looking forwards, the DDU will continue to work to translate life sciences research into therapeutic applications. It will leverage its position in the University to continue to innovate and develop tools to enable the drug discovery process. The DDU places high value on its partners and collaborators in Dundee and across the world and will work closely with them to tackle unmet medical needs, both in the infectious diseases and innovative targets areas.

Head shot of Prof Ian Gilbert
Prof Ian Gilbert.









4th October 2022