New artist blog post

We’re excited to announce another new piece of work from the wonderful Emily Fong. Our artist-in-remote-residence has been taking a virtual trip into our home offices. She’s been exploring how the Covid-19 crisis has affected our work, and how researchers have been coping.

Of course, these are unprecedented times. Normally, a project might have a name, and a clear set of concrete goals – there will be an exhibition on a date, in a place. Of course, these aren’t normal times! Emily has had to deal with many more unknown unknowns than we’ve ever had on a science art project. From the way the work is progressing, that challenge seems to have fired Emily’s creativity and enthusiasm. What we can see beginning to emerge over her blog posts looks to be a fascinating, colourful, and surprising journey already.

Her lastest post focuses on Alan Fairlamb. He really is one of the key players here – medic, researcher, one of the founders of the Drug Discovery Unit, and all round inspiration. He’s also known for his enthusiasm for everything, and all round sense of style – how many scientists give us jacket envy?

Find out more about the overall project here. You can also follow Emily on Facebook and Instagram to see more of her awesome work.

Artist Emily Fong demonstrates an unusual banana phone