Great Glen Challenge-Part 2

The team from WCAIR achieved their goal of completing the Parkinson’s UK Great Glen Challenge. The 10 strong team walked 14.2 miles in 6 hours and 40 minutes.  The smiles and cheers at the finish line reflected the enjoyment and sense of achievement everyone in the team felt.  We were lucky with the weather. Although hotter and more humid than we might of expected for Scotland in June we had a good mix of cloud cover and sunshine and we reached the bronze finishing line just before the rain storms which had followed us down Loch Ness arrived in Drumnadrochit.

A big thank you to the support team provided by Parkinson’s UK. The regular snack and water stations were much appreciated especially the ice lollies and strawberries at mile 9ish. Also a big shout out to the team of masseurs who worked out the tension in our tired back and legs muscles when we returned to Inverness. That really felt amazing.

It was of course the WCAIR ‘pet’ Lord Bernard Cairgington who caught the attention of the organisers and was the subject of many photos. Lord Bernard’s presence on the walk was a great team morale booster with everyone wanting a turn to carry him. You can follow Lord Bernard’s adventures on twitter and instagram.

The team thank everyone who has generously supported their efforts to raise money for Parkinson’s UK. So far the team have raised £1,257 and donations are still coming in through .