Fun and games to help youngsters discover science

15 June 2018

Experts at the University of Dundee have concocted a formula for family fun as they celebrate all things science this weekend.

Staff are throwing open the doors of the University’s School of Life Sciences on Saturday 16 June for its Inside Out Science Open Day.

As well as giving youngsters the chance to get hands-on with a series of fun games and interactive exhibits, researchers will offer tours of their laboratories and provide insight into what life is like as a working scientist.

Theresa Tachie-Menson, a PhD student and lab member from the University’s Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit, said, “The research we do in our unit is very diverse, but generally the aim of medical research is to understand what normally happens in the body and what changes when things go wrong.

“This knowledge is useful in improving human health worldwide.

“Whilst what we do as scientists may be complex, we want to make our research accessible to all members of the public and show the local community the ground-breaking research we undertake in a way that is easy to understand and may spark even more interest in science.”

The free event will take place in the University’s School of Life Sciences, Old Hawkhill, between 11am-3pm and is being hosted as part of the Medical Research Council’s Festival of Medical Research.