WCAIR at Stobfest 2019

Flowers in the Tayview allotments in Stobswell

We’re going on a day trip to Stobfest!

In partnership with Dundee Science Centre, we’ll be at Stobfest’s fabulous Gala Day. It’s at Boomerang Community Centre on Kemmback Street. Last year we had a great day, so we’re really excited. We can’t wait to have WCAIR at Stobfest 2019.

We’ll be bringing our science to the people of Stobswell so expect chemistry, biology and some of our favourite parasites to be present on the day. There’ll obviously be everything else that goes with the Gala feel, so cake and joy. You can see the marching band on Albert Street too.

Our community

Scientists in universities have done lots of community engagement over the years, because they really do care. Oftentimes they’ll go in and do a special thing for a key event. Everyone will have a great time together, then they’ll leave. As a result, not much ever really changes.  Becaues of this, we’re taking a slightly different approach with our public engagement. We’re planning to work with Stobswell Forum over the whole length of the Centre funding.

Why Stobfest?

We think that the benefits that our Wellcome funding bring to Dundee should work in a variety of ways. One of the great things that funding has allowed us to do is bring our Public Engagement Manager, Ali here. He has experience in quite a few things that others in Stobie don’t yet. Because of this, he’s started helping them out with other wee things. You might see their Twitter getting a little more active. Maybe you’ll see a new Instagram. Probably you’ll even see an uprated PowerPoint if you go to the AGM. It’s the little things that, we think, will make a big difference in the long term.

So, while we’re doing one event in Stobfest itself this year, we’ll be behind the scenes helping out with lots of other things. You might even see more of us in future – we’re here for the long haul!