Parasites: Battle for Survival

Microscope image of trypanosomes stained for VEX proteins

We have partnered with the National Museum of Scotland , Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (University of Glasgow) and Edinburgh Infectious Diseases (University of Edinburgh) to present a free exhibition which will explore the role of scientific research in Scotland in the fight to eradicate 5 neglected tropical diseases.

Malaria, Guinea Worm, Sleeping Sickness, Schistosomiasis and Leishmaniasis affect 1 in 18 people in the world. These five parasitic diseases are among a range which the World Health Organization is aiming to eliminate, some as soon as 2020.

Parasites: Battle for Survival will explore the history of Scottish involvement in identifying and treating tropical disease and highlight the research currently taking place in Scotland, and across the globe, to eliminate them.


Ph student Julia Wcislo looks for parasites hidden in organs of hebody
Hide and Seek of Parasitology