In Conversation With… Public Engagement: ZA to DD

In conversation with Zandile and Ali

We live in an ever more complex world. How can scientists and publics listen to and understand one another?

How can science and society function well together to make a healthier, happier world?

The history of how scientists and publics have communicated is long and winding. In the past, there was a notion that scientists were in a position of power, and should just tell people a series of facts.

As our body of scientific knowledge has ballooned in recent years, so has our understanding of this complex dynamic. More and more, scientists realise they have to not only communicate their research, but also listen to the public. This process takes a great deal of time and effort, and a new generation of Public Engagement Professionals have emerged. With varying skills and backgrounds, they can help to facilitate these 2-way conversations so that everyone benefits.

At this event we’ll be hearing from 2 of these people, telling us where they’re from, what they do, and some stories from the front line. With very different backgrounds from 2 continents, half a world apart, the event is bound to be an insightful adventure into the world of public engagement with research.