In Conversation With… Luke, Ngaire, and Kevin

An event flyer for an 'In Conversation With' event

Making medicines is a long and expensive process. The first time we test a potential medicine in humans is in ‘phase I clinical trials’. We typically run these around 10 years from the start of the medicine’s development process. Why does it take so long?

As scientists, we want to ensure that our medicines are safe and do the job they are meant to. We can use animals to serve as a surrogate for these disease models. This means we don’t needlessly risk human lives. Animal lives are important too, of course.  We ensure their care and welfare is tightly controlled by licences, regulations, and our expert scientists.

We will be in conversation with:

  • Professor Kevin Read – Head of Quantitative Pharmacology and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics.
  • Luke Newman – Director of Biological Sciences.
  • Ngaire Dennison – the University of Dundee’s in-house veterinary expert.

Between them, they have years of experience studying, testing and caring for animals in drug discovery research. We will explore how animals are tested on and what the scientific community is doing to reduce the number of animals tested on. We’ll also discover what care and treatment these animals receive while under our care.

Join us for your exciting opportunity to hear from the scientists working with these animals.