In Conversation with Kit and Emily

In conversation with Emily and Kit

LGBT+ History Month is a time to celebrate what we can achieve by breaking down barriers. In the past, LGBT+ representation in the sciences has been sparse, and even now our historic contributions may not be recognised. That is rapidly changing now.  By working closely with artists, we aim to be a part of that change.

Emily Fong and Kit Kuksenok are 2 artists who know a lot about breaking down barriers. Their work spans disciplines as they research, play and create between art and science. This conversation event promises to be fun yet deeply fascinating. It will give an insight into how they, and we, can make our world a more creative, queer place.

Emily Fong is an artist exploring life and death, embodiment and emotion; the experience of existing in a human container. Her artistic practice is underpinned by the observation and communication of the life cycles of living things; growth, mortality and change from the micro to the macro. Over the time of Covid, she has been artist in digital residence at the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research, University of Dundee. From this, she has created a stunning series of works and words, inspired by our researchers.

Kit Kuksenok, PhD, is an artist, researcher, and code worker based in Berlin. Their multi-disciplinary research asks: how can the visual practices of scientific work suggest avenues for wider active participation?