In Conversation with Jeremy Besnard

Matrix Made Medicines ICW April 2022

The world is full of data. Such vast amounts of knowledge out there begins to create new problems. With so much information generated in a drug discovery project, how could you cross reference against what someone else has done? How could you avoid their mistakes and learn from them? How many articles would you have to read?  Could you remember everything?

We humans face limits with their ability to recall, learn and use complex data. Artificial intelligence (AI) could help. It can scour the literature, design new medicines, and potentially enable shortened lead times for a medicine to reach the clinic. With the current wait is being 15-20 years, can your diseases wait this long?

We’ll be in conversation with Jeremy Besnard, chief designer, and joint founder of Exscientia. They are an exciting start-up success story, spun from the University of Dundee. We’ll explore recent advances in AI in drug design, success stories and challenges. You’ll be able to ask your burning questions about the topic too, to enhance your human knowledge.