In Conversation With… Chimed and Fritiof: Molecular Models to Manufacture

An event flyer for our April 2021 'In Conversation With' event

Chemists are present from the very first conversations about a target right through ongoing manufacture of a drug. But not the same chemists! Different skills are involved, and the focus of the process varies across different stages.

Enter our 2 chemists for this conversation. Fritiof Ponten is the CEO of Biotech Fluidics. Drug Discovery Unit alum Chimed Jansen is principal computational chemist at Mercachemsynom, a contract research organisation spanning the full drug discovery process. Both chemists, they work at very different stages of the medicine cycle.

We will talk through this process, and the interviewees will discuss what matters in their roles, what stage they come in and bow out, and how they overlap with the others. What makes a productive team, what do they need from one another? What has changed and what do they see changing around them? What do they think it looks like in the future?