Diagnosis: kidnapped! Copy

Join us as part of Dundee Science Festival and Dundee Festival of the Future for a brand-new escape game experience.

Can you solve our medicinal mystery? Join us in the School of Life Sciences where we need your help discovering the cure to a deadly disease.

At the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research, our scientists solve puzzles to defeat horrible parasites and we want to make our medicines affordable to anyone who might need them. Going through many of the same processes they do, you’ll work together to come up with the cure. You’ll need to work quickly, though – there might be some other people who’d like to get their hands on your work!

We’ll be providing drinks and snacks too for after you complete the escape game. If you finish in time you’ll also be in time to take part in our Major Incident on campus – it seems there are a lot of different traumatic things happening around the University today!