Bonding: electrons are FREE

An exhibition flyer, saying Bonding: Electrons are FREE

What happens when an artist and a scientist meet through the time of Covid? Two radical spirits bond to explore the common orbital of art and science from a unique perspective.

From disembodied conversation to full scale occupation, artist Emily Fong, scientist Alan Fairlamb and researchers from the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) formed a series of bonds through dialogue and play. Engaging with the building as body, the pair underwent a unique process of manipulating the environment to suit their needs. Not unlike parasites, they wished no harm, but desired to come to an accommodation with their host.

We invite you, as a parasite, to occupy this body and the habitats created within. We aim to celebrate interdisciplinary collaboration and the new ways of working that have evolved from this unique moment in time. We encourage your play, reflection, intimacy and healing.