BCDD Guest Speaker- Ed Tate

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“”Protein modification: from chemical biology to drug discovery””

Ed Tate is Professor of Chemical Biology at Imperial College London, a Satellite Group Leader at the Francis Crick Institute, and CSO of a drug discovery spinout recently established to translate discoveries emerging from his lab. His group develops chemical biology and chemical proteomic approaches to study protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), and structure-guided development of novel probes and potential drugs against targets they identify in these pathways. PTMs of particular interest in his group at present include lipidation (directing protein trafficking and interactions), ubiquitination (regulating protein half life and signalling), and proteolytic pathways involved in protein synthesis/degradation, programmed cell death, or tumour niche remodelling by secreted proteases. In this talk Ed will discuss some of his current projects in these areas, with a focus on new chemical approaches to interrogate these pathways with small molecules.

Host:  Ian Gilbert.


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