BCDD Guest Speaker – Brian Suarez-Mantilla

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Cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak. 

Inositol Pyrophosphates Signalling in Trypanosoma cruzi: Novel insights from an ancient organismy.

Dr Brian Suarez-Mantilla is a Microbiologist with a special interest in molecular parasitology. I did my PhD at the University of Sao Paulo where I studied proline metabolism in trypanosomes at Prof Ariel Silber’s laboratory. Then, I moved to the University of Georgia to work with Prof Roberto Docampo in inositol phosphates metabolism in Trypanosoma cruzi. I am now an independent research fellow member of a GCRF-NTD network led at Durham University. My research focus aims to dissect how inositol pyrophosphates are produced and how do they regulate essential metabolic processes for survival of Leishmania parasites. We will deploy reverse genetics, metabolic profiling and proteomic analysis to characterise this emerging pathway in the cell signalling field.


Host: Mattie Pawlowic

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