The Art of Engagement

Portraits of artists Emily Fong, Natalie Ryan, Pascale Pollier, Kit Kusenok and Annie Catrell

Collaboration between public engagement professionals, researchers, and artists can be an amazing way of reaching new audiences. These collaborations aren’t without challenge, though.

In this session Emily Fong, digital artist in residence at the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research, will introduce a smorgasbord of artists and ideas. We hope you’ll find the session fun and fascinating, and feel inspired to begin on your own art/research collaboration journey.

Please do ask us your questions before the event here. We’ll do our best to answer as many as we can. Find out more about our artists here.

Annie Cattrell is a Scottish multidisciplinary artist who is based in London. She is particularly interested in the poetic parallels that can be drawn within and between art and science.

Kit Kuksenok, PhD, is an artist, researcher, and code worker based in Berlin. Their multi-disciplinary research asks: how can the visual practices of scientific work suggest avenues for wider active participation?

Pascale Pollier is a medical artist /wax sculptor, curator and chairman of several art/science associations. Pascale’s work attempts to capture the point where art and science meld. An alchemist at heart, her work begins with observation and experimentation and is steeped in solid scientific research and findings.

Natalie Ryan’s practice explores themes that surround the aesthetic representation of the cadaver and natural sciences throughout history and their inclusion in contemporary art. Drawing from existing methodologies used for displaying these elements, Ryan is interested in the process of imaging the natural world and the exchange between science and art that has allowed this.