A New Creative Corner of Campus

DWF 2022 - A New Creative Corner of Campus

Join us online, for an event featuring the women who shaped a new creative corner of campus.

We will be chatting with Cicely Farrer, Amy Jones and Irene Hallyburton. Each of these women have been key to helping shape both LifeSpace and The WeeCAIR Medicinal Garden. They have a wealth of experience from art exhibition curation to scientific research. Find out how these things link together and weird and wonderful ways.

LifeSpace, Dundee’s local art science gallery has been running since 2014 and the WeeCAIR Medicinal Garden was created in 2021. Meet the women who have transformed this space into what it is today. Find out how the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research is using this space to combine art and gardening into an exciting space for discussions about our drug discovery work. In-person attendees can also visit the current gallery exhibition ‘Translations’ and visit the medicinal garden itself.