5th WCAIR Symposium

The 6 monthly WCAIR Symposiums are open to all members of WCAIR. They are an opportunity to share the research that is ongoing across the Centre. The theme of the 5th Symposium is ‘Looking Forward’ and will feature talks on projects just beginning within the Centre.

The Speakers are

  • Paul Wyatt, WCAIR Director
  • Ali Floyd, WCAIR Public Engagement manager
  • Irene Hallyburton, on behalf of the ‘Transalations’ SciArt project
  • Erin Butterfield,  Filed group
  • Steve Thompson, TB portfolio
  • Soneela Asghar, Synthetic Methodologies
  • Andrew Mtewa, WCAIR Trainee
  • Nicola Caldwell, Cryptospordiosis drug discovery
  • Stephen Patterson, Mode of Action chemistry
  • Dan Fletcher, NMR
  • Kevin Read, DMPK