Bespoke Drug Discovery Training for Low-Middle Income Countries

Lauren A. Webster, Susan J. Farrell, Ian H. Gilbert, and Kevin D. Read

ACS Med. Chem. Lett. 2023, XXXX, XXX, XXX-XXX
Publication Date:July 12, 2023


Working in drug discovery is difficult for many institutions due to the need for resources, funding, and in-country expertise. The Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infective Research (WCAIR) is responding to the unmet training needs for individuals/institutions working in drug discovery in low-middle income countries. Through their training program, individuals can undertake a practical placement, either online or at the center, with access to a dedicated trainer from their field of research. Practical placements are tailored to the needs of the individual/institute to enable capability building on return to their home institute. In addition to training placements, the center is focused on building partnerships by supporting institutes to work in drug discovery. Here we highlight WCAIR’s training program and the partnerships that have developed from this.