Arise Sir Mike

This afternoon at Holyrood palace the Her Majesty The Queen conferred awards announced in the New Year’s honours list. Congratulations to everyone receiving an award. Amongst those honoured was our own Professor Sir Mike Ferguson  for his services to science.

“I am thrilled to receive this great honour, but minded immediately that it recognises the efforts of many at the University of Dundee – my home for 30 years and an institution where collaboration and cooperation are truly valued, and where advancing knowledge into solutions is highly-prized,” said Professor Sir Mike.

“Together, we have managed to build in Dundee a truly world-class environment for science, and I feel very privileged to have been able to contribute to that.

“I am particularly grateful to my life- and science-partner, Dr Lucia Guther, and my family for support of every kind.”

Professor Sir Mike Fergusons stands in fromt of a fountain and flowerbeds at Holyrood Palace. He holds the medal indicating his knighhood
Professor Sir Mike Ferguson receives his knighthood at Holyrood Palace, 2 July 2019