A One Health Approach to Tackle Cryptosporidiosis

Elisabeth A.Innes, Rachel M.Chalmers, BethWells, Mattie C.Pawlowic .

Trends in Parasitology 2020 vol: 36 (3) pp: 290-303

DOI: 10.1016/J.PT.2019.12.016

  • Review Highlights
    Development of new vaccines for livestock and people to reduce disease and shedding of Cryptosporidium oocysts is a key One Health goal.
  • An integrated genotyping approach to detect and differentiate Cryptosporidium parasites in both veterinary and public health will inform source tracking, epidemiology, and surveillance.
  • The application of relevant clinical in vivo models and novel in vitro systems will progress understanding of host–pathogen interactions and enable efficacy testing of new therapeutics and vaccines.
  • New methods to treat Cryptosporidium-contaminated livestock and human waste will reduce oocyst contamination of the environment and help protect water catchments.
  • Knowledge exchange and education are vital to encourage a One Health approach to tackle cryptosporidiosis.